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The Fintztones!: Bio

The Fintztones are a versatile blend of folk, shuffle, blues, rock, jazz, and reggae, led by soaring 3-part harmonies, guitars, bass, and sax. The Fintztones consist of Gene on guitar and vocals, Gene's daughter Alia on bass, sax, and vocals, Wade on guitar and vocals, and have been known to include more symphonious vocal harmonies, drums, and keys. Together we play mostly original tunes with some enjoyable covers mixed in.  These songs are sure to uplift your spirit and provide a fun and happy atmosphere for all.

Based in Santa Cruz, CA, The Fintztones have taken their music east and west, including Florida and Kaua'i with great support and appreciation. Locally, The Fintztones have played popular venues such as Don Quixote's International Music Hall, Moe's Alley, The Reef, Bocci's Cellar, Henflings, and more throughout the greater Bay Area.

Gene: From a young age, music has always been a way to express myself. While I grew up on rock & roll, I was also drawn to blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass and reggae. Add in other music from around the world and you get an idea of how I've been influenced from countless musicians of many genres. My songs will give you insight into who I am, while hopefully uplifting you.