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The Fintztones!: Press

Gene Fintz Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Gene is one of the most experienced and professional local musicans. Gene is known worldwide as the "Guitarzan of Santa Cruz".

Gene Fintz fans rejoiced when he announced the release of his new CD "Get a Grip On This!". "Finally, I can have Gene music with me whereever I go and I can share it with friends who haven't yet heard it - hallelujah!" was the response of one devoted fan. "Get a Grip on This" is a compilation/selection of 13 original Gene songs. Order yours now from!
Wendi Tipton - Tipton Views
You'll have a good time with "Golden Voice" Gene Fintz.
John Sandidge - KPIG= Please Stand By
This cat is just too cool. With a diverse mixture of Americana, Reggae, Blues, Jazz and a boatload of good songwriting Gene Fintz gives a down home good time.

This is music for the soul.

I dare you to have a listen and not leave with a smile. It's obvious that Gene is out to have a good time and he's making every effort to bring us along with him as well. And doing a great job at it to boot.

This cat's musicality is bang on without question as he takes us from a soothing Reggae ballad to a Rock & Roll style twist, to a sooting Calypso groove and back to an Americana track with ease. Incredible.

We had such a blast listening to his songs we couldn't help but get up and do a little twist ourselves.

Great work Gene. There's nothing like music to uplift the soul.