Presenting to you the father-daughter duo, The Fintztones! 

Gene Fintz and daughter Alia Fintz have been playing music most of their lives, and bring to you an eclectic blend of folk, shuffle blues, rock, jazz, reggae and more with sweet vocal harmonies, guitar, bass and sax. Both are accomplished songwriters. They sing mostly original songs from the heart with some covers to uplift your spirit, and bring joy, especially when it's needed most.

Based between Santa Cruz CA, Portland OR, and Kauai, The Fintztones have played around the Bay Area of California, Kauai, New Orleans, and Florida. The journey continues.

Gene: From a young age, music has always been a way to express myself. While I grew up on rock & roll, I was also drawn to blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass and reggae. Add in other music from around the world and you get an idea of how I've been influenced from countless musicians of many genres. My songs will give you insight into who I am, while hopefully uplifting you.